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If you have what we used to call a little Blue pizza box that says cobalt on the front then your in the right place. You have in front of you one of the internets very first internet appliances. Created in the late 90's to provide webhosting services through the use of a simple to use GUI.

My Name is Zeffie and Since 1999 I have been building software and supporting the Cobalt Networks, Cobalt, and finally the Sun Cobalt RaQ, Qube, XTR internet appliances... As of today I am no longer providing downloads for the Historic line of the very first and last "internet webhosting appliance".

Feel Free to contact me anytime for paid support using the information located at Blueonyx Support

I don't have time to write a book now. This page may get updated but otherwise it's closed.

I strongly suggest whoever reads this find something better to do with their time. These are 350Mhz, 450Mhz, and the Mips stuff that take forever to do anything. Building MySQL took a day to compile and would run for hours before getting to a crash. You have been warned!

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