Cobalt Restore CD's

If you have what we used to call a little Blue pizza ox that says cobalt on the front then your in the right place. You have in front of you one of the internets very first internet appliances. Created in the late 90's to provide webhosting services through the use of a simple to use GUI.

My Name is Zeffie and Since 1999 I have been building software and supporting the Cobalt Networks, Cobalt, and finally the Sun Cobalt RaQ, Qube, XTR internet appliances... As of today I am still stupporting these systems and I'm happy to be able to release my line of iso files that allow you to Restore a RaQ or XTR Servers. I might someday release a 550 based version but since the RaQ 550 has to many impossible to close holes it's a hopeless cause. the 550 os should never be used.

These CD's are tried and tested and include multiple updates by Cobalt Networks, Cobalt, Sun Cobalt, And Myself...

Please read the Cobalt Restore Process How To

Support Feel Free to contact me anytime for paid support using my contact information located here.

My Sun Cobalt OS Restore CD Duplication and Mailing service... $19.95
I have maintain restore CD's for the RaQ2, RaQ3, RaQ4, RaQ550, XTR and Qube3 that include as many if not all of the updates from Sun Cobalt and the many of the updates I have made... The RaQ4 version also includes larger partitions and works best with my OS-UPDATE pkg...

With over 10 years experience in duplication services I am selling my time and ability to duplicate my current cd for the os of your choice on a rush order basis.
Please format your mailling address correctly!
Please note that I am not selling a iso download or CD!
This is for my CD duplication and mailing service only!

Restore Process Phone Support Service... $30.00 This is where I help you with the restore process as much as needed for one server over the phone. Package includes:

Restore Process Total Support Service... $50.00 This is where I help you with the restore process as much as needed for one server over the phone and provide you a download to my Restore CD iso so you can use my updated Restore CD that includes almost all of the updates I have made. Package includes:

*Having about 50 various network cards in my lab I tried them all and none of them worked except a 3com 3c509b card that worked halfway... The 3c509b card would not work with the RJ45 but did work with the BNC.... So I run my coax to a hub that converts it.... results may vary